Ending Europe’s fossil fuel addiction: There can be no u-turns

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MEPs vote on EU building directives on Tuesday 14th March with a risk the law could be weakened by continuing to support fossil fuels use.

How we heat our buildings has a big impact on our climate. And a big impact on our lives. Dependence on expensive fossil fuel heating is locking so many people into energy poverty - leaving them in the cold while the planet cooks. 

Here’s the exciting thing. New EU legislation could have a big impact on how we heat out buildings. It could set a clear fossil fuel phase-out target for buildings. And provide incentives and supports to transform our homes, fitting them out with renewable heating solutions and vastly improving their energy efficiency.

MEPs will be making a decision on this legislation on Tuesday 14th March. But there’s a problem. We’ve heard that Fine Gael’s European People’s Party may try to weaken this legislation. By changing its text so that it supports the use of oil and gas boilers instead of phasing them out!

We can’t let Fine Gael MEPs sabotage such an important law.

Could you take our e-action to ask your MEPs to protect it?

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The vote on this law, which is called the EU building directives, takes place next Tuesday, 14th March. Making now a critical time to contact our MEPs. If the European Parliament gets this law right it could play a crucial role in saving energy, reducing emissions and lifting millions of families out of energy poverty. 

We can’t afford any backtracking on efforts to kick fossil fuels out of Europe’s buildings. And we’re at a crossroads. A strong EU building directives law could improve living standards for so many people and play an important role in fighting the climate crisis. But a weak law risks locking households into dirty expensive fossil fuels.

If hundreds of us email our MEPs now we could give them the push they need to fight for a strong version of this law. And make Fine Gael MEPs question their party’s intention to sabotage it.

Click here to use our e-action to email your MEPs

There’s no time to lose. Let’s make sure MEPs hear from us today before they make up their minds on next week’s vote. By acting together we’ve pushed MEPs to do the right thing before. We can do it again. 


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