Find out how to get solar panels on your local school with this animation

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Two weeks ago, we were delighted to share news about the amazing achievements of the schools who won our 'For the Love of Solar' competition to get solar panels for their roofs. 

Thanks to the work of these schools - and years of campaigning by the Friends of the Earth community - barriers to install solar panels on schools have been removed. Not only that, but the Government has now promised to provide funding for solar panels on every school in Ireland. Needless to say, this is great news!

Now, we want to make sure that schools get their panels without any more delays. To achieve this, we've created two easy actions you can take to help make sure schools get their solar panels asap.

Watch the animation below to get inspired and find out how.

To contact the Minister for Education directly as mentioned in the video, take our e-action here

The Department of Education is responsible for distributing funding for solar panels to schools. But it hasn't provided clear information on how and when schools can apply for this funding which could cause delays. Schools can’t start their solar journey if no information exists on how to do it. Because of this, we need your help to put pressure on the Minister for Education to start acting on this issue immediately. If hundreds of us email her now it might be the prompt she needs to make solar energy a priority. 

So will you use our e-action to send the Minister an email today to get solar panels on your local school? 

By sharing our animation you can help get more people involved in pushing the Minister for Education to roll out solar power for schools without delay. Could you forward this email to someone you know who might be interested? Or share our animation on social media using the buttons below?

By taking action with us today you can be part of the solar revolution in Ireland! When we work together we have the power to put renewable energy in the hands of our local communities and become independent from fossil fuels.


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