Heat our Homes Not our Planet - Cost of Living March

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Friends of the Earth joined a crowd of an estimated 20,000 people in Dublin city center last Saturday in solidarity with the Cost of Living Coalition. The demonstration took place ahead of Budget 2023 taking place today to put pressure on the Government to take action on the cost of living crisis.


There can be no climate justice without social justice. The cost of living crisis is bound up with the fossil fuel energy crisis - which is plunging so many into energy poverty.

For years the fossil fuel industry has destroyed our environment and threatened the communities who resist them. Now they’re using the pandemic and war to make bumper profits and raise their prices. We want to remove the grip that fossil fuels have over our lives, our homes and our communities - for the sake of our health and the future of our world.

To tackle rising bills and climate chaos we must get our homes off fossil fuels, and put people at the center of the transition. Below our energy officer Clare O'Connor, who attended the march, shares further why Friends of the Earth felt it was imperative to show our support for the Cost of Living Coalition Demonstration.

 Friends of the Earth has published a “Five-point plan for Government to cut bills, save energy and reduce pollution” urging emergency Government response to prepare for next winter.

When we stand together, we are stronger than ever!




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