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Want to get more active with us but not sure how? This webinar on 3rd April is for you!

How did the latest IPCC climate warning make you feel?  It's think it’s fair to …

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Friends of the Earth in the media - energy poverty report

During March 2023 Friends of the Earth published a report "Still left out in the cold" on the subject of energy …

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Irish households still being left out in the cold

Friends of the Earth Research - Government’s new climate and energy poverty plans failing to combat both the energy price …

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Ending Europe’s fossil fuel addiction: There can be no u-turns

How we heat our buildings has a big impact on our climate. And a big impact on our lives. Dependence on …

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A feminist approach to climate justice

In 1999 Vienna ran a survey for its residents to better understand what people needed from its transport system. The responses were …

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Running scared on transport no way to tackle congestion and pollution

Fine Gael and Fianna Fail must stand over their own climate commitments Friends of the Earth has …

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