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Heat our Homes Not our Planet - Cost of Living March

Friends of the Earth joined a crowd of an estimated 20,000 people in Dublin city center last Saturday in solidarity with …

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Rays of sunshine finally emerge for solar energy in Irish communities

After years of campaigning, Friends of the Earth welcomes Government promise to pay for solar …

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Death knell for Shannon LNG as experts rule out commercial LNG in Ireland

Expert Review of Energy Security signals the end of Shannon LNG and other commercial fossil fuel …

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Take to the streets with us this month!

With the cost of living and fossil fuel energy crises making so many of us feel the pinch, the upcoming Budget has never felt so …

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42 anti-poverty & environmental organisations unite to demand action on energy crisis

42 anti-poverty, housing and environmental organisations join forces to demand urgent …

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Annual Report Card 2022: Is the Government keeping its promises on Climate and Environment?

For the last two years, Friends of the Earth has commissioned an annual independent …

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