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Friends of the Earth International Statement on Gaza and Israel

As a federation dedicated to peace, Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) opposes all acts of violence. We …

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An Open Letter from Irish civil society organisations for peace in Gaza

Below is the text of an open letter, coordinated by Uplift, which we signed with 160 + civil society …

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Campaign Launch - Act Local for Faster and Fairer Climate Action

Did you know that the “Think Global, Act Local” slogan was popularised by the founder of Friends …

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Budget 2024: Some solid steps, but on energy poverty missed opportunities 

Reacting to the overall Budget 2024 package, Friends of the Earth welcomed some solid steps towards …

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Climate and Nature Fund is a landmark development

Not enough yet, but a substantial downpayment on fair and fast transition to zero pollution Reacting to the news that Budget …

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Nine things to look for in Budget 2024

Friends of the Earth was involved in three joint statements in the run up to Budget 2024 that highlight the growing cross-sections of …

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