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Friends of the Earth welcomes cross-party consensus on climate change legislation

Oireachtas Committee publishes agreed Climate Change Bill Friends of the Earth has welcomed …

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";How long do the Greens put up with the foot-dragging on Climate Bill before walking?";

One year on from new Programme for Government and still no Climate Bill Friends of the …

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A Majority of TDs Declare Support for a Strong Climate Law

Stop Climate Chaos coalition asks where is the promised Bill and where's the promised climate finance A cross-party …

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Friends of the Earth ";deeply disappointed"; at lack of progress on Climate Change Bill

Friends of the Earth "deeply disappointed" at lack of progress on Climate …

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Proposed Copenhagen Accord an embarrassment

Rich countries will not avoid a PR disaster by bullying poor countries to accept a climate disaster Friends of the Earth has …

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Copenhagen negotiators ";playing Russian roulette with the future of humanity";

"You can't negotiate with the atmosphere. Physics doesn't compromise" according to …

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