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Say no to Government U-turn on LNG

  Take our e-action to say no to U-turns on LNG Liquefied Natural Gas, or LNG, is one of the very worst fossil fuels - indeed it has …

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Friends of the Earth Action Pledge

We need you to speak up for climate action. Now that we have legally-binding limits on climate pollution, nationally and sectorally, the …

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Kicking Europe’s fossil fuel addiction: There can be no backtracking

The European Parliament is making big decisions on rules on heating buildings next week. Irish MEPs …

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One Future fossil fuel divestment pledge

Do you know where your pension contributions actually go?   Without knowing it, many of us are fuelling the climate crisis …

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Solar Schools E-Action

Help make sure every school gets government funding for solar panels! All schools in Ireland have been promised funding for solar panels, as part of …

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Ask your TDs to read Greta's Climate Book

Use our e-action to ask your TDs to get reading!Thanks to generous Friends of the Earth members, we've raised enough money to buy a …

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Ireland should support ambitious EU renewable energy and energy efficiency targets

The EU is making big decisions on renewables and energy efficiency as we speak. EU energy …

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