What to do next

After your Cuppa for Climate, you might be wondering what you and your group can do next. Here are some ideas to continue your climate action journey. 

Stay connected with your group:

  • Perhaps there is interest in exploring more topics or climate actions with the people who participated in this Cuppa. Think of a way to stay connected whether it is sharing your contact details, emails or start a message group (eg. via WhatsApp).


If you have 2 minutes:

Make sure faster and fairer climate action is prioritised by the government by signing this petition, Friends of the Earth can also send you physical copies of this petition so you can gather more signatures in your community, area and workplace to help build pressure on our political leaders.

Sign our petition here

  •     Consider making a donation to Friends of the Earth

If you haven’t already donated at the Cuppa for Climate today please consider making a contribution to support our work. You can make a donation to the organiser of today’s gathering or you can donate online at www.friendsoftheearth.ie/donate

  •     Join our mailing list

Stay up to date on our work and hear about upcoming ways to get involved such as webinars, events, actions to take part in, campaign opportunities and more! Simply add your details here:

Join our mailing list here


If you have 20 minutes:

  •       Talk to your friends and family about climate change

This is how it worries you, and ask them to take one simple action to sign a petition or join a Cuppa for Climate meeting. You can use the questions in the toolkit as inspiration for this conversation.


If you are interested in ongoing activism:

  • Organise another Cuppa for Climate event in your neighbourhood, workplace or with your friends to help inspire more people into climate action and raise funds for Friends of the Earth.

Organise another Cuppa for Climate event

  • Organise another Community Fundraiser to support Friends of the Earth

To learn more about community fundraising and to get inspired, click here:

The Power of Community Fundraising

  • Contact your local councillor or TD 

Tell them you care about the environment and the impacts of climate change. Read our election campaign materials here to get started

Election Toolkit

You don’t need to know all about climate policies or actions needed, you only need to share with decision makers that you care and worry about climate change and ask them to prioritise faster and fairer climate action. Even sharing with them our election leaflets will make sure they know what you care about. 

  • Interested in organising and running campaigns?  

Check out Friends of the Earth’s Nuts and Bolts toolkit

Materials to help you start campaigning


Interested in starting or joining an action group?

Join Act Local – our Activist Group Network

Sign up to join an Act Local climate action group or form a local climate action group, perhaps with those who took part in this Cuppa for Climate!  Check out this map to find local climate action groups across Ireland and information on how to sign up:

Act Local groups map

Act Local is Friends of the Earth’s initiative to hold local decision makers to account and implement changes that will benefit our communities, environment and help tackle the climate crisis. Act Local is a new and growing network of climate action groups all across the country. You and your peers can sign up to join an existing group or you can set up a new group of your own with our help.

Sign up to Act Local today to get started or find a local climate action group:
Join Act Local here


For more groups connected with Friends of the Earth, find them here:

Groups connected with Friends of the Earth

For more ideas, reach out to us by emailing info@foe.ie