Act Local

Tell election candidates that you're a climate voter

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Many of the things we need to do to address the climate and biodiversity crisis require changes at the local level, in our …

No sign of climate “backlash” in Irish public opinion

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New research from Ireland Thinks shows people concerned about climate change, supportive of climate action, with no …

Act Local Spring Gathering

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Join us on Saturday, 2 March from 10am - 2pm in the Teachers Club, Dublin, for our much awaited Act Local Spring Gathering! This is your chance to …

Overview of the BOLD Climate Action Dialogue and Action series

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In this blog Carol-Anne O Brien and Patricia Devlin share some reflections on the BOLD climate action event …

Empowering older people to take bold climate action

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“I’m retired, but involved,” a participant told me, eyes gleaming, as she arrived at the Irish Human Rights and …

New recycling scheme shows that citizen action and campaigning works

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Citizen action, campaigning and work by VOICE and Friends of the Earth pushed the Government to introduce …