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Buses, Penguins and Climate legislation.

Today for the first time I successfully caught the special shuttle bus that goes from near my hotel, direct to the entrance of the …

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Young Friends of the Earth Activities in Poznan

A big thank you to everyone who made a fabric patch for our enormous banner! Chatting to the tireless souls who sewed them …

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Co2lonialism and a lagging EU

It is only my second full day here and I feel like I've been here for weeks. The big warm convention centre is already almost all familiar to me. …

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Arriving in Poznan

It was raining in Poznan as the bus pulled in. This was disappointing becauseI I kept hearing before I left that it was snowing in Poland. In general it is …

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Green Drinks Tuesday 4th December, 6pm South William Bar, Dublin 2

Last month's Green Drinks was a great success with a packed room upstairs at the South William Street …

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Minister and I differ over Ireland's position on emissions cuts

I expect to disagree with the Government from time to time on the positions they take on climate change policy. …

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